Assignments in PDF Format

Below you may download all the assignments from Arranging for the Small Jazz Ensemble in PDF format so you can print them and complete them without writing in the book. Each assignment is in PDF format.

All Assignments (1 mb)
Assignment 4.1
Assignment 5.1
Assignment 6.1
Assignment 6.2
Assignment 6.3
Assignment 6.4
Assignment 6.5
Assignment 7.1
Assignment 8.1
Assignment 9.1
Assignment 9.2
Assignment 11.2
Assignment 11.3
Assignment 11.4

Transposed Scores

Most of the examples in Arranging for the Small Jazz Ensemble are written in concert pitch in order to clearly illustrate voicing and approach techniques. However, it is also useful to examine transposed scores, taking note of where the instrument is written on the transposed staff. Below you may download these scores all at once or individually.

All Transposed Scores (664 kb)
Transposed score from example 11.18
Transposed score from example 11.20
Transposed score from example 11.21
Transposed score from example 11.23
Transposed score from example 11.26
Transposed score from example 11.27
Transposed score from example 12.4
Transposed score from example 12.6
Transposed score from example 12.7
Transposed score from example 12.9
Transposed score from example 12.10
Transposed score from example 12.12

Staff Paper

Below you will find several different kinds of staff paper in PDF format which you may print and use for sketching, composing, or any other purpose.

All staff paper (61k)
One staff, portrait orientation
Three staves, portrait orientation
Three staves, landscape orientation
Two horns and rhythm, landscape orientation
Three horns and rhythm, landscape orientation
Four horns and rhythm, landscape orientation

Help and Instructions

To save each file, right-click and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As." For easier downloading, some of the MP3 audio recordings on this page are grouped together into a compressed .zip file. After you download the compressed .zip file to your computer's hard drive, you will need to unpack the recordings by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Extract All." To listen to one of the MP3 files, simply double-click on it. Each file includes the necessary metadata for adding the files to your music library, or for seeing the title of each track on your portable MP3 player.

These recordings copyright © 2010 by Robert Larson. You may not sell these recordings under any circumstances.

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